Is Your Voice Being Heard?
Are You Reaching Your Target Audience?


* Improve Or Enhance Flavor
* Add A Distinctive Quality Or Feature
* Add Zest, Piquancy & Interest
* Versed Through Trial & Experiences
* Skilled & Knowledgable

Welcome To Seasndco

We Are A Creative Agency Headquartered In
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada

Traditional Doesn’t Work How It Used To,
The Marketing Landscape Has Evolved.

Today’s Consumers, Are Different…
Their Conversations, Are Different…
The Ways We Interact, Are Different…
How We Produce Content, Is Different…
Content Is Digested, Much Different…

Client Needs Today, Are Different…

Seasndco = DIFFERENT

Embrace The Fact Times Have Changed.
We Were Developed To Be Agile, Adaptable & Scalable.
To Work With 
Businesses, Organizations & Brands
We Believe The Message & Audience Come First.
That Quality Authentic Content Rules Over All.
We Identify Consumer Behaviours & Consumption Patterns
Then We Navigate: Trends, Audiences, Media & Budgets.
We Can Execute From Concept Through Completion OR
We Can Train, Educate & Assist Your In-House Efforts

We Are Creativity, Solutions, Strategy, Branding, Design, Advertising, Marketing, PR, Artistry, Ideas, Storytelling, Sociology, Psychology & Decades Of Experience All In One Entity Ready, Willing & Able To Help Yours Grow!

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Media Planning & Buying


Out Of Home


Display / Search
Social Media
Online Video


DIY Content
Flash Mobs // Pop-Ups
Testing // Focus Group
VR // AR // Apps

Seasnd Video Production:
Online, Television & Cinema

We Can’t Wait To Tell Your Story…

Lights, Camera...

Do you Manage Or Own A Business?
Want To Learn More About…

Local Media Costs? Where To Advertise?
Marketing? Branding? Social Media?
Digital?  Storytelling? Content?

Our Courses Cover Some Of The Most Relevant Topics In Advertising, Branding & Communication Today.

Delivered Through A Short Workshop Format Our Series Aim Is To Help You Learn How You Can Better Leverage These Changes In Branding & Promotion To Grow Your Brand.

(1-on-1 & Private Groups Also Available)

Born On The Prairies

The Prairies Are Unique
Our People, History, Market & Economy

We Choose To Live, Play & Work Here!
We’re Your Neighbour, Friend & Consumer
Saskatchewan Is Our Home

It Is Critical To Understand
Your Consumers Behaviour
In Order To Engage Them

We Will Leverage Our Years Of Prairie Experience Working With Companies All Across Western Canada To Help Maximize Your Marketing Budgets & Exposure.