We Start All Our Project With A Discovery Meeting  So That We Can Get To Know Your Organization’s: Goals, Personality, Structure, People & Products

We Learn Where You’ve Been, Where You Are & Where You Want To Be. Then We Work With You To Develop A Marketing Plan That Reaches Your Audience & Fits Your Budget So You Can Get There!

Keys To Discovery:

  1. Transparency
  2. Open Mind
  3. Trust
  4. Integrity
  5. Listening

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We Know That B-Word Can Be Scary
The Truth Is We Need To Know.

This Allows Us To Identify Your Ballpark
The Goal Of Every Ballpark Is The Same From Little Leagues To The Majors: Host A Game.

However Admittance Can Range From FREE to $100,000

Likewise, Different Media May Be Equally Effective In Reaching Your Audience But The Cost Can Vary Greatly Among Them. Choosing The Right Media Means More Exposure & Greater Value

Based On Your Budget We Select The Appropriate Tools & Medias Which Will Provide You The Most Bang For Your Marketing Dollars.

Now We Won’t Lie, In The World Of Marketing You Can Always Spend More. So We Will Develop A Plan That Maximizes Every Dollar In Your Budget To Help You Reach Your Goals. If We Feel You Can Be As Effective In Reaching Those Goals With A Lower Budget We Will.

Remember Your Budget Is An Investment
Towards Reaching Your Goals.

We Know You’ve Worked Hard For Your Money So We Make Sure We Put It To Work Effectively!


Once We Know Your Budget & Goals It’s Time To Shift Focus Towards Strategy & Tactics. A Cohesive Plan Provides A Blueprint To Success For Every Project

Once We Have Identified Our Audience(s) We Dive Into Our Vast Tool Kit To Find The Most Effective & Cost Efficient Solutions To  Assemble The Project Blueprint

While Mediums Are Being Identified For Selection We Change Gears To Creative & Content, In Other Words How To Bring Your Message To Life And Resonate With Your Target Audience We Work With You During This Entire Process So That You Not Only Know What We’re Doing But Why We Are.

With Your Approval On Our Proposed Creative Concepts & Media Plan We Can Begin Executing Them


Once We Have Your Approved Plan The Next Step Is As They Say “Making The Magic Happen”

This Step Involves Co-ordinating Media, Creative Development To Specs & Proofing.
You Have The First Look And Final Approval Before We Release Our Creation To Your Audience
We Strive To Ensure Delivery Of Your Creative Is Always On Time & On Spec


Even Once Your Project Is Being Consumed By Your Target Audience There Is Still Work To Do.

In Our Digital Age Campaign Data Is Both Available & Abundant. Monitoring, Measuring & Adjusting Are All Crucial Parts Of The Plan To Stay A Step Ahead.

Marketing is a blend of Science, Art & Commerce There Is No Guarantees When It Comes To Humans There Will Be Mistakes & Missteps Along The Way The Key Is How You Learn From Them, Success Can Have A Variety Of Forms The Important Thing Is To Utilize What We’ve Learnt So We Can Adjust, Re-align & Strut Forward For The Next At Bat.