If You’ve Been Thinking About Building A New Website You’ve Probably Come Across The Word


Today’s Post Will Be Going Over Just What A Responsive Website Is And Why It’s A Good Idea

So What Is A Responsive Website? Why All The Hype?
A Responsive Website Is A Scalable Website..So In Theory It Is Many Websites In One.

Why Is This Important?

Well It’s Important Because In Today’s Fragmented Market, Screens Come In All Shapes & Sizes On Various Devices And You Want Your Website & Content Looking Perfect No Matter What Device!

In The Early 2000’s At The Start Of The iPhone & Mobile Revolution. Agencies Began Telling Clients Of The Importance To Begin Building A Mobile Site In Addition To Their Desktop Site.

In Essence Many Companies Needed To Build & Pay For 2 Websites One For Computers, One For Mobile. Further, Both Sites Needed To Be Updated & Maintained Independently Of Each Other. As You Can Imagine The Time & Money Invested Was Huge.

As More Sizes Of Phones, Tablets & Laptops Began Emerging This Way Of Operating Wasn’t Going To Last As It Would Be Impossible To Maintain Individual Sites For Each & Every Device.

Fast Forward To 2011, As Geniuses Tend To Do, They Changed The Design Of Websites With The Invention Of CSS The Framework For What Would Come To Be Known As “Responsive Websites”

Responsive Websites, Scale The Viewing Experience To The Viewers Screen No Matter Their Device.
This Means You Now Only Need To Maintain ONE Website For All Devices…Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phones!!

The Content Stays The Same But Is Displayed In An Appropriate Manner For The Viewers Device. This Is Done By Utilizing Grids & Modules That Can Reposition Themselves Or Not Display At All Pending The Screen Size.

Google Recommends Your Site Be Responsive. Which Is Important When Their Changing Algorithm Is The Gatekeeper Of Searchers Finding & Reaching Your Site, Critical When Mobile Made Up 70% Of Browsing In 2017. A Responsive Website Nicely Consolidates All Your Viewer Data Down To One Site. Saving Time & Money On Analysis.

How Can You Tell If Your Website Is Responsive?
Easy! Just Resize Your Browser Right To Left….Does The Site Adjust As The Screen Gets Narrower? If It Adjusts The Site Is Responsive. If It Stays The Same The Site Is Not. To See First Hand, Give The Seasnd.com Homepage A Try In your Browser!!

Make Sure Your Brand’s Digital Presence Is Prepared. That Starts With A Responsive Website.

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